If you are commuting then you will be running on a tight schedule; you need to be at work on time. If you have a problem you need to be self sufficient and get yourself back on the road as soon as possible.

The basic toolkit I would recommend must include the ability to recover you from a punture You need to be able to remove your wheel (no tools if quick release, otherwise you’ll need the correct size spanners, and any additional tools if your bike needs them). You need to be able to remove your tyre, so if you need  they need to be in the pack. For commuting I would recommend carrying one or two spare inner tubes; it is much faster to replace a tube than fuss around with patches (Patch the tube once you’re at work).

Additional tools that I have found useful at times (and carry) are a spoke key, a chain tool, Allen keys and spanners for all your bolts on the bike, pliers, a knife. Most of my tools are on a small multitool that cuts out on weight. Cable ties can also be useful in an emergency, as is a tyre boot

It is always a good idea to fit mudguards to your commuting bike.

Mudguards will keep an amazing amount of surface water off of you, as well as keeping you drier and more comfortable. Look for the longest and best fitting ones that you can get. Also try to get ones with pop-off front stays as they can be safer.

It is good to keep your lights on your bike all year round. That way if you get caught out and have to work late you can still ride home without problem. Sometimes (although not often) it is also handy to light up during fog or heavy rain. Since you will not be using your lights on a regular basis during the summer, and all the time during the winter, it may be worthwhile investing in a hub dynamo system


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Every September the International Cycling Video Festival takes place in Bochum/Germany, and we are already looking for new films and 2007. It would be definitely exciting for us to be linked with cyclists in abroad: The approach of the festival is not only to show cycling films, an additional aim is to deepen the intercultural understanding – thus a shortfilm from/about australia is of course very interesting for us. Maybe you already have some experience in filming, and maybe somebody of you is you willing to contribute a short film to the unique German festival? Movie makers can clean up the award “Golden Crank” – something like the “Oscar” of the cycling video scene.

If you need some more information, don’t hesitate to contact me or just goto

All the best! I’am really curious and hope to hear from you soon

Gernot Mühge

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