$500 million Green Car Innovation Fund

The Greens Mark Parnell is asking the Rudd government to bring
forward its promised $500 million Green Car Innovation Fund.

Unfortunately hybrids, alternative fuel and diesel vehicles still
emit greenhouse gases. The mining, manufacture and transport of raw
materials, components and finished vehicles also involves
considerable environmental damage.

Green cars do not solve obesity, traffic congestion or road rage.

Wouldn’t $500 million go a long way to kick starting an Australian
cycle industry?

Over a million bikes sell here every year, almost all imported. Five
dollars per bike would be a minimal investment to constructively
employ some of the skilled labour retrenched from the car industry.

Talk to your local MPs.


Bike levy ‘idiotic’

Macarthur Bicycle Users Group leader Ken Hall says Macarthur MP Pat Farmer’s new proposal is “the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard”.Mr Farmer wants to introduce bike levies and on-road costs for cyclists.

He wants every rider on the roads to pay a registration fee.

“For far too long motorists have said I pay my registration fees to use the roads and cyclists get on having paid nothing for the privilege and slow me down,” Mr Farmer said. Continue reading

Anti Bicycle Blogger’s new post
January 25, 2008, 4:00 am
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There has been an update to the original outburst from this blogger, clearing a few things up, good on her I say. Her comments were completely out of order and to say I took them to seriously, well I did take them very seriously as I have almost daily incidents where I nearly get knocked off by motorists trying to make it to their destination a few seconds quicker.

Anyway all done and dusted now, and hopefully we have a motorist with a new found love of bicycle safety

How are the bicycle tracks in your area

Guys How are the bike tracks in your area, the Melbourne one that I did today fell well short of my expectation not because of the tracks themselves, which I actually thought were awesome but there massive lack of signage that prevented me from really finishing the ride properly.

The track from Melbourne to Jells Park is around 30km and the signage at many points vary from overload no nothing.  I had to go off the track on the way there and the return journey due to lack of signs.  If I had been doing this with children I would have been very upset and been unable to complete the journey as the roads would have been far to busy.

Plus alot of the roads that I had to detour on were very challenging due to both traffic and hills.  On the plus side like I mentioned the tracks are in great condition and very picturesque which is awesome.

But will these tracks be maintained in the future? will the signs be fixed?? I would be interested to hear opinions from the local councils and also Bicycle Victoria, whicH i have to say have come well short in allot of people’s expectations of late especially due to there lack of back up on the recent bike bans on trains here in Melbourne.  Personally I think the person in charge of Bicycle Victoria should really step aside, stop concentrating on big commercial rides like Around the bay in a day and The Great Victorian Bike Ride and start putting some effort into day to day cycling.

Is this a familiar story in your area I would love to hear your comments

Anti Cycling Blogger gets run out of town
January 23, 2008, 9:44 pm
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I was surprised a day or so yo discover that a rather childish blogger from somewhere across the pond, found it amusing to blatantly shrug off cyclists rights and safety by ranting and raving about how cyclists take over the road and are simply a pain. I posted the post details on a few cycling forums much to her disapproval.

I have had to put up pics of the post as after many many comments from people around the world giving there disapproval to her childish comments.

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misinformed on bike review: Kosky

Victorian Transport Minister Lynne Kosky will review her decision to ban bikes from peak hour trains after claiming her department misinformed her on the issue.

Ms Kosky said her department had told her it had undertaken a full consultation and review which found strong support for banning bikes at peak hours.

“I was misinformed by the department that they had done a full consultation on this and that is what I am incredibly disappointed about,” she told ABC Radio.

“That’s why I have ordered a review of the full implementation.”

She said there needed to be an agreement between bike groups and commuters about sharing space on trains during peak hours.

“We do have quite a lot of complaints from people who are concerned about bikes, but there is a way of managing this where we can have cyclists and other commuters on the trains,” Ms Kosky said.

She said solutions could involve reserving the last carriage on trains for bike riders or improving storage at stations.

“I would have preferred not to look at a review (but the department) had informed me they had undertaken full consultation and had very strong support for this policy but that was not the case,” she said.


Opponents of bike ban gear up for protests

Opponents of bike ban gear up for protests

CYCLISTS across Victoria are stepping up a gear to overturn the bike ban
on trains.

Connex and V/Line travellers are at loggerheads with transport
operators, who say the ban is needed to ease overcrowding across the
rail network.

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