$500 million Green Car Innovation Fund

The Greens Mark Parnell is asking the Rudd government to bring
forward its promised $500 million Green Car Innovation Fund.

Unfortunately hybrids, alternative fuel and diesel vehicles still
emit greenhouse gases. The mining, manufacture and transport of raw
materials, components and finished vehicles also involves
considerable environmental damage.

Green cars do not solve obesity, traffic congestion or road rage.

Wouldn’t $500 million go a long way to kick starting an Australian
cycle industry?

Over a million bikes sell here every year, almost all imported. Five
dollars per bike would be a minimal investment to constructively
employ some of the skilled labour retrenched from the car industry.

Talk to your local MPs.


Bike levy ‘idiotic’

Macarthur Bicycle Users Group leader Ken Hall says Macarthur MP Pat Farmer’s new proposal is “the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard”.Mr Farmer wants to introduce bike levies and on-road costs for cyclists.

He wants every rider on the roads to pay a registration fee.

“For far too long motorists have said I pay my registration fees to use the roads and cyclists get on having paid nothing for the privilege and slow me down,” Mr Farmer said. Continue reading

Cycling’s show of respect for White
December 16, 2007, 11:17 am
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An easy way to gauge Matt White’s standing in Australian cycling is to look at the field that has gathered for his retirement race.

Organiser Phill Bates is justifiably billing Sunday’s Cronulla International Grand Prix in Sydney as the best collection of road cycling talent in this country since the Sydney Olympics.

Stuart O’Grady, Robbie McEwen, Brad McGee and Allan Davis will compete, while Cadel Evans will also be there as a commentator.

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