Just a quick hi to everybody, I am a bicycle commuter and all round cyclist from Melbourne, Australia, the biking here is great with good weather most of the year, have a read of the blog and make some comments on anything that interest’s you..



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I was recently looking for some info on the BV website, happened onto the forums, and due to my inquisitiveness, looked at the bikeshop rants, as started by yourself.
It is always interesting to hear peoples tales of disgruntlement when it comes to bikeshops.
This is where I come in.
Having worked in bikeshops as a mechanic and sales person, as well as a technician for a major suspension fork brand, I decided to take my skills to the people as Melbournes first (and Australias first for that matter) Freelance bicycle mechanic.
My customer base is largely made up of disgruntled bike shop customers, who have found their way to me through word of mouth advertising. I rely on good old fashioned customer service, and guarantee all my work. I specialise in disc brakes and suspension.

I you are ever in the Collingwood area, drop in and check out my operation over a cold beer. Consider this an informal invitation.

Comment by P.A.Bryant esq.

mate i have put a load of stuff about you on the main page hope that helps

Comment by craigdurkee

Hay Craig,

Comment by crashtestgenius

Hay Craig ,the best bike lock that i have heard of uses hardened steel chain with a multi layered lock. i have this setup at home to protect both my bikes. but it would be to heavy to transport and not practical to take on rides. the setup i have a work is a cable with a multi layered lock, but this is locked to a cemented frame inside a locked cage. if you have to leave you bike somewhere, make sure it is visible and not left there for an extended time. also having your bikes serial number registered with the local cops can help if they can track it down. best of luck.

Comment by crashtestgenius

check out this new comfortable bike seat

Comment by Bill Anderson

Just found your blog via a comment. Very nice! I used to live in Melbourne, but I wasn’t into cycling then. I’ll have to go back!

Comment by Fille de Fer

thanks look me up when you get back here

Comment by craigdurkee

Craig, thanks for checking out my website. I’m going to save yours and start reading it. I’m a cyclist too, here in New Jersey.

Comment by Nicholas David

Here’s an update on the bikes about which you were inquiring on one of my previous posts.

Comment by frodog

Just a quick introduction to a new bicycle brand.


Comment by Matthew Andrew

Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back and we’ll talk about it.


Mandie Hayes

Comment by Mandie

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