Kona Smoke


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Ok I have for some reason decided to get another bike, can you have to many….. I dont think so.

This is a weird one as I have a road bike and a commuter/touring bike already. I couldn’t really leave it there for the a$300 asking price. It is a Kona Smoke 06 model hence the price. Its built like a tank and thus weighs about the same as one as well but I love it. It’s amazingly relaxed to ride very upright position and asorbs the bumps like there not even there.

I am going to be using this for commuting in the winter and also for the great bike paths and rail trails that Victoria and Australia in general have to offer.

I am also going away this week on a weeks camping trips, taking the bikes of course so this will be a good first outing for it. Of course I’ll post a review when I have done some riding on it.


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I like it.

Should be a great commuter. I find the more upright hybrid style is better for the early morning low light commute where you have to be looking around more, since no one else out there is.

Comment by bloodhound

You’re seriously addicted man! Next up? A Kona Ute to do the shopping!

Comment by krashdavage

yep its getting that way, that ute looks the business dont it

Comment by craigdurkee

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