Anti Bicycle Blogger’s new post
January 25, 2008, 4:00 am
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There has been an update to the original outburst from this blogger, clearing a few things up, good on her I say. Her comments were completely out of order and to say I took them to seriously, well I did take them very seriously as I have almost daily incidents where I nearly get knocked off by motorists trying to make it to their destination a few seconds quicker.

Anyway all done and dusted now, and hopefully we have a motorist with a new found love of bicycle safety


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I noticed that she didn’t publish my comment on her ‘humble’ post. Here’s a comment I made on her ‘clearing the air’ post, just in case she decides not to publish it:


You’re surprised that people took your post too seriously? How naive you must be. There are people out there who actually hate cyclists and seem to want them dead.

Teenage BMX-rider recovering in hospital after riding into a piece of wire deliberately stretched across a cycle route – 2003

Wire ‘traps’ set on cycle paths – 2004

Wire found tied across cycle ways – 2007

I know cyclists who have been spat on, had stones, glass bottles etc. thrown at them by car drivers/passengers. One was permanently blinded in one eye after being hit by a glass bottle.

I know of people who have been deliberately hit by morotists who were too impatient to wait for the cyclist to get past some parked cars on a narrow street, then threatened with deportation for retaliating against the motorist; cyclists who have been shot at with air rifles while riding home on cycle paths; cyclists who have been hit and left with serious spinal injuries by a driver who then drove off and left the cyclist in the road.

When cyclists are hit and seriously injured or killed by a negligent, dangerous or drunk driver, there is rarely a shred of responsibility placed on the driver in terms of punishment. Most drivers get away with a small fine and a few points on their license. Custodial sentences are rare. The price of a cyclist’s life is as low as a few hundred pounds.

And you were surprised at people’s reaction when you posted a hateful anti-cyclist rant which ended with words to the effect of “I think if a driver accidentally hits a cyclist it should be the cyclist’s fault.

Comment by Messenger of Doom

thanks mate all done for you

Comment by craigdurkee

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