How are the bicycle tracks in your area

Guys How are the bike tracks in your area, the Melbourne one that I did today fell well short of my expectation not because of the tracks themselves, which I actually thought were awesome but there massive lack of signage that prevented me from really finishing the ride properly.

The track from Melbourne to Jells Park is around 30km and the signage at many points vary from overload no nothing.  I had to go off the track on the way there and the return journey due to lack of signs.  If I had been doing this with children I would have been very upset and been unable to complete the journey as the roads would have been far to busy.

Plus alot of the roads that I had to detour on were very challenging due to both traffic and hills.  On the plus side like I mentioned the tracks are in great condition and very picturesque which is awesome.

But will these tracks be maintained in the future? will the signs be fixed?? I would be interested to hear opinions from the local councils and also Bicycle Victoria, whicH i have to say have come well short in allot of people’s expectations of late especially due to there lack of back up on the recent bike bans on trains here in Melbourne.  Personally I think the person in charge of Bicycle Victoria should really step aside, stop concentrating on big commercial rides like Around the bay in a day and The Great Victorian Bike Ride and start putting some effort into day to day cycling.

Is this a familiar story in your area I would love to hear your comments


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Thanks for dropping by.

Would love to try cycling in Aust one day. Last i was there for a month, too short a stay to bring the bicycle along, plus accomodation was near the train station.

Comment by chongky

The Scotchmans Creek Trail isn’t a continuous off-road trail for its whole length–it follows mostly quiet streets from near the Waverley pool most of the way to Jells Park and also for a short distance between Forster Rd and Waverley Rd. I don’t suppose there’s much trouble with that except where sign-posts are absent or confusing.

One point on that trail that must frustrate people is at the on-road section near Forster Rd where the signs to Jells Park point it two opposite directions: turn left and you’ll be on off-road trail most of the way, turn right and you’ll follow a confusing maze of streets. But there’s no hint of which is the better way to go.

You’re right that signage is pretty variable along Melbourne’s trails. Sometimes it’s excessive where it’s not really needed and other times it’s completely absent where it would be very, very helpful.

Comment by Treadly and Me


Comment by ajafern

In Portland our main trail the Springwater Corridor starts at the downtown core of the city to a rural town outside the city. The whole loop runs about 40mi (64km). Most of it is paved trail but in some section you will be in traffic generally residential. There are greens signs letting you when you need to turn as well as little reflective bike circles on the pavement to let you know your still in tract (the have little arrows when you should turn). All and all pretty nice but I haven’t had time to go to the outer reaches yet. We haven’t had to many problems with signs going missing but a bunch of lights on a connected trail where broken recently.

Comment by Robin

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