Anti Cycling Blogger gets run out of town
January 23, 2008, 9:44 pm
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I was surprised a day or so yo discover that a rather childish blogger from somewhere across the pond, found it amusing to blatantly shrug off cyclists rights and safety by ranting and raving about how cyclists take over the road and are simply a pain. I posted the post details on a few cycling forums much to her disapproval.

I have had to put up pics of the post as after many many comments from people around the world giving there disapproval to her childish comments.

As you can see from the above pics quite a shocker, but it also seemed that people couldn’t resist making comments on her other posts just to get there point across

you can read her other post here


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Why can’t you just let it go? I think you’ve made your point.

Comment by Aja

I think he should let it go… when you’ve learnt your lesson.

Comment by Messenger of Doom

I think he should let it go… when you’ve learnt your lesson. The problem is, people like you won’t learn until you spend some time in the saddle, on the recieving end of driver hostility.

Comment by Messenger of Doom

you were the one who said you wanted to allow all the comments maybe you should explain why you took down the posts, after all they are your opinions as were the 30 plus people who commented on your so called rants.

might it be as you know you were in the wrong and its about time you made an apology post

Thanks for the comments messenger of doom (love the blog by the way)

Comment by craigdurkee

I swear I have read that rant from someone else, and posted on Bike Forums a couple of years ago. I think it may have originally been a Craigslist rant. I used to read and participate on fairly frequently about two years ago under the handle “As You Like It.”

I think this foolish girl has plagiarized it and called it her own. Not that her unoriginality gives her bad attitude a day-pass.

Comment by meetzorp

hey meetzorp i think its s daily rant of alot of non cyclists, which is there right I guess. However this time some one got caught doing it and was made to answer her mis informed actions. Rather than face the music and hold strong by her feeble opinion she pulled down the post and deleted all the valid comments that were made.

She will probably never take up cycling her self but I wonder if her opinion will change maybe when she has kids that cycle to school or if she really did actually hit someone.

Comment by craigdurkee

she just put up an entry to clarify what she did and why she did what she did. i reckon we should give her a break, since that post probably resulted from a moment of frustration.

Comment by chongky

I am SO glad Cadell Cadiddlehopper FAILED to win ‘The Tour De Wanke’ since given this countries (‘Jumbuckland’) obsession with so called ‘Sporting heroes’ (an oxymoron?) we would have NEVER heard the END of it. ‘Heroes’ to most (normal) people are firemen, police, SES workers and surf lifesavers etc., who perform REAL (risky) heroic actions, NOT bandy legged, toe twirling, pointy headed, pedal pumping, perspiring, expectorating and flatulent (talk about ‘Greenhouse’ gases!) wankers in their eternal pursuit for adulation from the hysterical masses who line the route/s to cheer them on to so called ‘glory’.
Why aren’t those morons at WORK producing goods and/or services for their employer who needs (deserves) the money?
Was it not Julius Caesar who said – ‘Give them Bread & Circuses”?
‘SBS’ once presented these clown/circus attired exhibitionists as ‘Proper Tough Guys’. Really – why then do they have to take DRUGS?
Not so tough eh? Need a ‘fix’? Need a pain killer?
Every year it’s the same!

And why do these ‘heroes’ punch the air and flay their arms out so mimicking jungle primates when they have a ‘win’? A kind of ‘Macho-Man’ ritual perhaps?
And what’s with the ‘lingo/jargon’ – ie what’s a ‘Tearaway – what’s a ‘Breakaway’?
All heady and intense stuff.
Anyway, I always LAUGH and CHEER when they CRASH – ‘Stacks on the Mill’ – What a HOOT!!!
Maybe one year we might (if LUCKY!) have a big bridge collapse or maybe a rock avalanche during the ‘Tour De Wanke’
Now THAT would be entertaining!

Ps; I sold my pedal bike when I left school!

Comment by Driver (Keep left MUG!)

I meant to clarify – ‘Jumbukland’ = Australia.
My ancestry here goes back 150+ years (I’m no ‘newbie’ ethnic freeloader!) but I laugh at this country with a population less than California as it tries to ‘Strut its Stuff’ on the world stage.
A handful of useful inventions to mankind have come from here but that aside we rely on so-called sporting ‘heroes’ so that with media hype we might be like ‘The Mouse that Roared’ (Movie) and thereby bask in so-called reflected ‘glory’.
That’s why I am SO glad Cadell did not win!

Comment by Driver (Keep left MUG!)

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