Cyclists Challenges driver on video

Cyclist Challenges Driver Downtown – And Wins

Monday January 14, 2008
It’s an increasingly common slice of life in a city that often seems to be engaged in an ongoing war between riders and drivers. And if you were downtown at Yonge and Bloor Monday afternoon, you witnessed it at full tilt. It was a case of bike rage between a cyclist and a motorist, but unlike many of these cases, the guy on two wheels actually got the best of the man on four.

It happened around 3:45pm, when a motorist tried to make an illegal turn that almost knocked a rider off his bike. The angry cyclist refused to let the driver get away with it, constantly preventing him from making the prohibited turn, and taunting him with remarks about ‘playing the game.’

Every time the driver attempted to escape, the biker would simply get in front of him, daring him to hit him. He didn’t, and the cat-and-mouse traffic incident went on for a few minutes until passersby intervened and calmed the two-wheeler down. When they did, the driver finally made his turn and tried to get away from the area.

But even then he didn’t get far. He was immediately stopped by police and handed a ticket for the illegal turn. And just to add insult to injury, the cops weren’t in a cruiser – they were also riding bikes.

watch the Video here 


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