Bicycle parking… what does your employer offer

I have been sitting here just winding myself up thinking about how I have to leave my bicycle parked in a public area all day whilst in work as my employer does not offer any bicycle parking.  If you drive your laughing, but not if your riding.  There is always the risk of your bike getting stolen, or broken when parking it even in a secure area but I really do feel that employers really should be doing more to encourage cycling to work.

Since i started to cycle to work I have to say the number of days that I have felt ill or taken off due to illness has virtually disappeared, of course I feel tired some days but all in all I feel like the 25km morning commute puts me in a great mood for work and also a great mood when I get home, the 50km of riding a day makes all the difference.

So I ask this question, does your employer supply bicycle parking?   If so what type is it and what other facilities do they offer to help in our bicycle commutes each day.

I look forward to hearing from you guys


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There are numerous bike racks around my building, with numerous abandoned bikes. Parts get “borrowed” from the good bikes pretty easy, so I don’t want to lock my bike up outside.

So, I moved one of the empty bike racks into my office. Now I park my bike about 6 feet from my desk! My bosses have glared at me, but said nothing.

Since doing so, 3 others have started riding. Apparently, locking the bike outside is enough reason for someone not to ride. Worries of weather and theft can keep someone from commuting by bike.

Now it seems weird to me to park my bike outside. I wonder why there isn’t a bike rack just inside the mall, or the stores and shops, or even the eateries… hmmm…

Comment by bloodhound

Kinda, sorta. There’s a corner of the parking garage that has a couple of extra police barricades that the two of us who bike lock up to. I think it would be more accurate to say we are tolerated than that the health department (where I work) provides us with anything.

Comment by joel

There is one lonely ribbon rack outside at my job and it’s so close to a cement sidewall that it can be hard to lock my frame and wheel up. If the back room is free from clutter and an especially wet day I’ll bring my bike inside.
My schools bike barking is a huge cluster of staple racks. Every year they add more. This year the city even converted on of the parking places on the street to bike parking with plans now in the works to cover the largest cluster of bike parking.

Since most of the school year is very rainy this will be very welcome. They also don’t take issue with students bringing in bikes in the evening when they are working in labs or studios.

Comment by Robin

At the downtown university building where I work we have a bike room on the ground floor that is accessed via ID card. There are typically 15-25 bikes in there. There are also bike racks in front of the building in sight of the security desk, and a number of people use those instead of wheeling their bikes down the hallway and into the bike room.

Comment by Randy

seems like i need to lobby my employer or the people who own the building for some secure area for parking thanks guys

Comment by craigdurkee

I work for an internet startup of just a few people in the Financial District of San Francisco. I’m the only bike-commuter in the office, but they let me bring it up the elevator and lean it against a wall. I’m pretty lucky I suppose.

Comment by Jesse Hattabaugh

I work in a basement, and access my office through a side door. I’m not sure what the official policy is, but I keep mine in my cubicle. My boss is fine with it, and the big bosses never come down my way.

I’m lucky, but many people I ride with are not. I’ve seen people get their inside bike storage taken away from them. Asking people to lock their bike outside is like asking car owners to lock their cars but leave the windows down!

I just joined a bicycle advocacy group, and one of my projects is going to be putting an educational packet together for bike to work week in May. The cyclist will be able to give the packet to their employer to explain the benefits of commuting to bike by work, possible tax breaks, proper storage etc. Hopefully this will change some minds!

I like the idea of a rack in the lobby! Many employers are concerned about clean carpets in the office area (even though shoes are probably worse than tires!).

Comment by Jeff

When I pedal to work, I just bring the wheels inside the building with me.

Never had a comlaint.

Comment by je

i guess thats an option je,,,,,

Comment by craigdurkee

I switched jobs in February 2006. My previous employer did not have bike parking in the city of Porland, ME and I was able to bring my bike inside for the day. My “new” employer was more rural (increasing my bike commute from 3 miles to 8) and they did not offer a place to park my bike. After bringing it in the new builing juste once they asked me to look into bike rack options for them to purchase for my use. So I did and they happily purchased it.

So far I’m the only one that commutes occasionally by bike and I can’t imagine that anyone else in my office will. However, my office is very health conscious (they included a fitness room when they built the building they currently occupy) so I wasn’t surprised when they offered to buy a bike rack for me.

More employers should encourage bike commuting from a health standpoint. (Incidentally, the company I work for is a group benefits broker so it all fits.)

Comment by Dana

(Note: in my posting above, the smily face was supposed to be an 8, followed by the close parentheses.)

Comment by Dana

We have a bike shed, with about a dozen wheel breaker racks. Its under cover, but they store the grit salt in there, so spilt all over the floor, not great for my steel bike.

Comment by Yant

Mine does, but I was in the position to make that decision. My bookstore (a corporate chain) was built at a strip mall with a bike trail behind it. During the construction phase when the budget is somewhat flexible, I asked for a bike rack not only for staff (some do commute to work via bike in the summer months), but for customers. There was some hestitation from above at first but I said it would be a good gesture to the community and they agreed. So now I have a bike rack in front of my store, and it’s been there since we opened 6 years ago.

Comment by Karen

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