2100km on the Kona Sutra
January 14, 2008, 5:53 am
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Ok I have now ridden the Kona Sutra for over 2000km (1200miles) and I just thought I would give another review now I am much more Familier with her.

The rides that I have done on the bike have been mainly commuting, with the odd Rail Trial, mountainous roads and the odd 100km road ride. I am pleased to say that the bike performs well on all the rides I have taken it on.

The bike is fast and agile on the roads, handling is crisp and responsive even though the bike is alot heavier than my carbon road bike. I have had no problem in keeping up with very good road cyclists and did not find the extra weight an issue. The braking capablities are supurb thanks to the Avid Disk brakes on both the front and back.

The gearing is very well placed for the bike as well, although I am used to a 39/53 up front the 30/39/50 performs just as well, I have yet to use the 30 even on some of the steepest climbs Melbourne has to offer. The bike performed well riding up the 1in20 ride from the basin to Sassafras in the Dandenongs of Melbourne giving a very pleasing time with great handling on the return trip down the hill.

Wheels have remained true and run very freely, the combination of mavic rims and shimano hbs laced with dt swiss spokes seem to do the trick very competently. The Conti Contact tires have yet to miss a beat, they are heavy tires but seem to run very well without much resistance, the tread is starting to wear down now slightly but again im pleased to report punctures as yet.

I am yet to really carry and luggage on the bike as yet, I have fitted a rack on the rear and taken the front loader rack off for now but haven’t used my tioga panniers with it as yet. The handle bar bag seems to suit my carrying needs thus far.

The ability to hold 3 water bottles is also a big plus meaning I can use 2 for water and 1 for my bottle tool holder without any issues.

All in all again I am pleased to say the bike has delivered on all of the rides, whatever the surface or weather, The Kona Sutra is without a doubt my favorite bike at the moment


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