Tour de Dandenongs

Today I decided to do a brief tour of the Dandenongs on the Kona Sutra. Weather was not looking great with severe rain most of the night and roads that were still wet..Anyway off I went.  Weather held off for the first 7 k or so then it went a little drizzly but nothing that would spoil the enjoyment so all good.  The hills started to come and then before I knew it I was almost at the top of a 11km climb, and heading towards Sherbrooke Forest…. BLISS    There was a nice decent then towards Belgrave which was a real pleasure although a few motorists insisted on getting rather close, but what can you do eh.Then before I knew it I was out of the Mountains and back on the highway.  Dam did it start to rain then, the heavens opened and the rain, wind and hail was like something from the movie twister.After that thorough drenching it happily rained all the way home, upon getting in it was a hot bath and then an afternoon on the MAC   


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Dude, you’re taking your life in your in hands snapping that shot of your stem with wet conditions like that. Be careful! It is a nice shot however.

Comment by brkeyes7

it wasnt as wet as it looked mate thanks for your concern though hahahah

Comment by craigdurkee

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