Melbourne’s drivers fight back
December 2, 2007, 8:28 am
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A PLAN to replace a lane of traffic with a bike lane on a busy East Melbourne street has sparked a storm of protest.

The city council wants to build a new super lane for cyclists on Albert St.

But businesses along the street said the $800,000 project was lunacy and would increase traffic congestion at all hours.


It comes after the State Government cancelled another council plan in March to squeeze out motorists from

St Kilda Rd for a bike lane.

The council is planning a “Copenhagen” bike lane on Albert St in both directions between Gisborne and Clarendon streets.

The design has a 2m bike lane next to the kerb, then a 1m separator island, then a line of parking bays, then a traffic lane.

The parking bays would become a clearway in peak times.

Regular bike lanes have been proposed for the section of Albert St between Clarendon and Hoddle streets.

Albert St is one of the main eastern entry roads to the CBD, along with Victoria and Wellington parades.

The Master Builders Association has been in Albert St for 40 years.

Its executive director, Brian Welch, described the proposal as planning changes by stealth.

“This street bears a lot of traffic during off-peak hours,” Mr Welch said. “It will just create a greater danger.

“The council seems to be operating on a plan to throttle traffic and make travelling by car more arduous.

“It’s a lunatic idea. I know Copenhagen is a lovely city but we like Melbourne the way it is.”

The MBA said bike lanes would be better down the median strip of Victoria Pde.

Caine Real Estate managing director Paul Caine said the plan would create confusion and congestion.

The street was efficient because it had no trams and few traffic lights, Mr Caine said.

Melbourne councillor Catherine Ng said a similar trial of the Copenhagen-style lanes in Swanston St, Carlton, had proved successful.

The council was consulting VicRoads, Cr Ng said.

A statement from the council said several responses had been received about the plans.

“These submissions will be assessed and considered before a final decision is made about the project,” it said.

The RACV is also reviewing the plan.

Spokesman Brian Negus said it generally favoured separate bike lanes, but not at the cost of increasing congestion.


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Check this out:

Look at how many cars can safetly drive on a road with one-lane in each direction. ADT = Average Daily Traffic.

Comment by Slick

Check this out:

Look at how many cars can safetly drive on a road with one-lane in each direction. ADT = Average Daily Traffic.

Comment by Slick

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