Bikes banned from ALL trains during peak hour
December 31, 2007, 4:52 am
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EXCLUSIVE: BIKES will be banned on all trains at peak hour from tomorrow, sparking an outcry from cyclists and public transport groups.

The new rule, hidden in a State Government document, has been posted on the Metlink website.

The Government has not announced the rule despite its publication in the Victorian Fares and Ticketing Manual.

And the Herald Sun understands the city’s private rail operator, Connex, has not been notified of the change.

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Tour de Dandenongs Part 2
December 31, 2007, 4:45 am
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Its been a while since I have really been out on the bike or even had time to really use the net or write on the blog this last few weeks due to internet problems and a family loss that caused us alot of pain and heart ache.

However I am pleased to say that today in 41 degree Melbourne heat I went for a ride.

It was another day tour around the Dandenong Range’s East of Melbourne. Setting out for a nice day I headed up Burwood Highway for 20km or so and then couldnt resist having a peak on the new Eastlink Freeway that is almost complete, seeing as there was no work today for the guys I rode the bike up and had the whole freeway to myself as cars are not allowed on as yet and neither was I really. It was a bit like a scene from a movie, you know the ones when the world is empty, really weird feeling.



Then I cut across onto Mountain Highway and headed up the 1in20 climb into Sassafras this is a pretty famous climb in the area, personally I cant see what all the fuss is about, its only 6 or so km long and not very steep.

After a quick rest at the top it was on to Olinda, then towards Monbulk and then onto the resovoir around 15km from Olinda. Weirdly the gates to the park were all closed weird seeing as it was such a nice day but I rested at the gates and was not looking forward to the huge climb back upto the main road.

self portrait ay resovoir

After the climb back to the road it was then another 15km or so to Lillydale so off I went. As I came into MT Evelyn I crossed the path and got onto the Warburton Trial, right near the cogs cafe, a well known bike cafe but they were closed.

Then headed into the town on Lillydale.

Stopping for a twix and a Milkshake which was much needed at this point I can tell you, it was then onto Ringwood.

The 25 k from Ringwood was tough as temps where now soaring and I really wanted to get home. All in all a real nice solo day tour just over 100km for the day so no distance records but considering the heat I did well Love it..

You can see all the flickr pics here

When roads become war zones
December 16, 2007, 11:19 am
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Our roads are a battlefield and the enemy is us. Each pathetic white cross we pass on the side of a highway is a reminder of another life wasted, another family blighted. And, too often, it’s lives and families, plural. As we saw when four young men died horrifying deaths in an inferno on the Geelong freeway last week, too often a driver takes others. Especially young males, bonded by a fatal attraction to speed.

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Cycling’s show of respect for White
December 16, 2007, 11:17 am
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An easy way to gauge Matt White’s standing in Australian cycling is to look at the field that has gathered for his retirement race.

Organiser Phill Bates is justifiably billing Sunday’s Cronulla International Grand Prix in Sydney as the best collection of road cycling talent in this country since the Sydney Olympics.

Stuart O’Grady, Robbie McEwen, Brad McGee and Allan Davis will compete, while Cadel Evans will also be there as a commentator.

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road rage when a woman made a “small penis” hand gesture
December 11, 2007, 9:15 pm
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A MAN was provoked into an act of road rage when a woman made a “small penis” hand gesture made popular by a road safety campaign, a court was told.

Simon Jardak was today convicted and fined $400 for maliciously destroying or damaging property after throwing a bottle out his window at the car of a woman who was waggling her little finger at him.  Continue reading

Another road death (how many more need happen)

A NEWCASTLE solicitor was killed when a turf farm truck plowed into a group of 19 training cyclists.

Dominic Mason, 33, suffered massive internal injuries when the heavy vehicle clipped him as he rode along the Pacific Highway at Blacksmiths, south of Newcastle early this morning.

Mr Mason, a solicitor at Harris Wheeler Law Firm and a member of the Kooragang Cycle Club, had only taken up professional cycling a year ago, and was considered by fellow club members to be a stickler for safety.

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mx article about headphones

iPods are out in a new Code of Conduct for Victorian cyclists. Victoria Police and bodies launched the code today which tells cyclists not to use any portable audio devices. “You need to be aware of your total environment and be able hear what’s aaround you when riding. This is even more critical in a group ride,’l the code states. cyclists must also ”be predictable” and avoid sudden changes in direction or behaviour. The mandate designed particularly for riders in a group says cyclists should maintain a steady pace, communicate with other cyclists by yelling ”stopping” or ”slowing” and not weave in and out of traffic. the code comes after an elderly man was struck by a bike rider and died last year.”