Cyclists call for safety

Cyclists call for safety

ALEX JOHNSONNovember 28, 2007


MORE than 60 cyclists took to the popular Wangoom and Hopkins Falls roads loop early yesterday to raise driver awareness.

Lycra-clad cyclists from across the south-west came together to demonstrate how many riders used the popular route, despite its many hazards including poor road shoulders and blind bends and crests.  

Veteran road cyclist Peter Umbers said the bunch ranged in age from 16 to older than 60 and showed the diversity of those who regularly used the loop.

He said the fate of injured cyclist Rob Forster, 24, was on the mind of many within the group yesterday.

Forster sustained serious head injuries when he and a car collided on Hopkins Falls Road on the morning of October 17.

While there was some safety in numbers, riders could not always travel in groups, Mr Umbers said.

“When you’re by yourself or in pairs, you’re at the mercy of people behind you.”

He said cyclists only rode two abreast along the road. 

He warned that a momentary lapse of concentration by drivers changing a CD or using a mobile phone  when travelling at 100kmh could cost a life.

“Car divers should be aware that accidents can happen and they don’t want to be carrying that burden around with them for the rest of their lives.”

Double lines and new signs installed since Mr Forster’s accident six weeks ago have not stopped motorists overtaking around bends and over crests, Mr Umbers said. 

The rough road shoulder allowed cyclists very little margin for error, he added.

Warrnambool City Council physical services director Neil Allen said he planned to meet with Moyne Shire and VicRoads shortly to discuss plans for the cycling loop.  Read about it Here


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Interesting post on the subject of safety.

Comment by Stuart Cross

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