Warburton Rail Trail

Ok yesterday was the day that I got to test out a touring type scenario on the Kona Sutra.  Not a massive ride, not a huge amount of stuff to carry, just a 90km amble over an old railway track around 40km out of Melbourne.  The track has a pretty good surface with stones and pebbles etc packed tight giving a pleasant ride in most areas with the odd bump and wooden bridge thrown in for good measure.We started by getting the train to Lilydale from Camberwell, getting off the train and finding the start of the trail was not the easiest finding that the signs were not exactly great.However once we found it there was no stopping us, quick refill of supplys, coffee scroll and some chips we were off.  The trail has a very gentle feel about it with hardly any hills which makes it the perfect day out for people who are not massively bike fit, Heidi had only ever ridden 50km in a day thus far and she was already starting to really enjoy herself with the easy pace and great scenery.Passing through old railway station’s was a nice touch, many of them had been converted into nice picnic areas and were very well maintained which is nice to see.We also spotted alot of live stock and wildlife, namely cows, sheep, lama’s even a few emu’s plus I also spotted a small snake and a few rabbits, really great stuff plus riding next to wineries is also a great feeling The K’s slowly started to roll on and before we knew it we were almost at warburton, about 10km out Heidi was suffering from a slowly deflating tire, so rather than fix it just now we decided to pump and ride, then when it was almost flat pump again, this got us into Warburton were we proceeded to grab a bite to eat, it was pie and chips for Heidi and a chicken sandwhich with chips for me. After fixing the flat and having a sit by the river which was very pleasant it was time to head off home, another 45km of really nice riding lay in front of us and I couldn’t wait, Heidi was starting to complain about a sore neck so we took it easy and really enjoyed the ride home.                                       


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After reading your post about the Sutra, I saw someone riding one through Camberwell on one the very next day. Having seen these pics, it looks like it was you. Slightly freaky. Or not.

Anyway, I agree, the Warbie trail is a lovely peaceful ride. Haven’t done it for a while, but last time I did, my wife managed the return trip even though she rarely rides.

Comment by jonathan

thats cool john, yeah prob was me there are not many of the sutra’s in oz so hello.

do you ride alot, where do you ride if so.

coo that your so close im just off burke road

Comment by craigdurkee

I usually ride my mtb in the Dandenongs but haven’t ridden much since becoming a dad. Got my girl a trailer for her first birthday so I hope to get out on some more bike paths & rail trails now. Just need to get her used to it.

I actually live out in Croydon, just work at Camberwell sometimes.

Comment by jonathan

nice one well if you fancy a ride one day let me know for sure

Comment by craigdurkee

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