Mudguards (fenders)

Guy’s having had the Kona for a little while now and today experienced the 1st day of rain, I am wondering what you guys think of mudguards or fenders as some call them.

Do they really work, whats the best full length one’s or the cheapo obnes that attach to the seat post.

Any pics or comments would be very greatly appreciated


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Full-length guards are best for commuting, but it also depends on the amount of rain falling and the amount of water on the road. Doing 20mph through a quarter inch of water isn’t bad on my Kangaroo trike, but maintaining that speed into deeper water results in water going everywhere.

The biggest problem though is something you can do nothing about – passing vehicles driving through large puddles at speed. Of course, I am driving on rural roads with all manner of wonky surfaces and a good urban road may be better, but there’s nothing worse on a cold winter’s day.

Comment by Stonehead

thanks for the advice, i guess passing vehicles are still a big water spray issue didnt give that much thought

anyone got a specific model they recommend though

Comment by craigdurkee

seriously mate, the mudguard is very useful, most people find it a nay because it doesn’t look quite attractive on a bike.

despite appearance, mudguard really do work, you’re at best, 40% drier than you are with mudguard (water splashing up your legs and swamp back).

If you dislike how the mudguard make your Kona look cheap, get some wooden one instead –

Comment by Ed

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