Hows the bike going
November 15, 2007, 4:55 am
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Well I have been commuting for 2 days now on the new kona, I love it.   Its not gonna set any records for speed, but its very comfy and rolls like a dream. 

I feel very safe on it compared ot the road bike for some reason, even though I managed a top speed of over 73k/ph today on the way to work.

70k up so far and look forward to putting alot more on it during the summer months

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G’day Craig,

Found you when Googling for Kona Sutra! Great site and photos. I am interested in getting a Sutra with the view to using it as a touring bike. My girlfriend and I are planning a Euro bike tour in ’09 and would like to do a bit of touring first. We both ride but haven’t done much touring to speak of. I have a Kona Jake the Snake which I’ve done a short tour on and use for straight commuting. I have a background in road and track racing and recently got into mountain bikes as well.

I haven’t ridden a steel road bike in over ten years. Pretty good? My main concern with the Sutra I guess would be the handling and the disc brakes. I not a huge fan of the cantilevers on the Jake and the road discs seem appealing. What is the reality? Brake well? Reliable? Setup or maintenance issues?

Cog Bike Cafe do an overnight group ride to Warburton. Staying at the Alpine Retreat Motel and group dinner at the Polish Jester (great food and vodka). You should check it out. Lots of fun… easy going like minded strangers that could become new friends! The next one is 26th Jan.



Comment by upDave

Sorry, the other issue is mounting a rear rack and getting in the way of the disc brakes… puts the rack fwd and your heels can hit the panniers. Have you tried this yet?

Comment by upDave

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