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September 26, 2006, 8:54 am
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Bicycle SecurityBicycle SecurityThousands of stolen bicycles are found by police every year. Most bicycle owners never see their bikes again simply because the owner cannot be located.

Always record the description of your bicycle and report thefts to the police regardless of the value of the bike or the circumstances.When you leave it – secure itIt only takes a thief a few seconds to steal a bike. Reduce the chances of bicycle theft by: * Not leaving your bike unattended and unlocked – even for a short time. * Securing it to something solid – like railings or a post – and make sure the bike cannot be lifted off. * Leaving and securing your bike in a busy, well-lit location where it can be easily seen. *

Taking off the front wheel, if it’s easy to remove, and securing it to the frame or back wheel. * Not leaving accessories like lights and pumps on the bike. * Using a security device which is not easily cut or removed. * When at home, always lock your bike in a secure shed, or store it inside your home.Engraving your bikeIdentify your bike by engraving it. This deters thieves and makes it difficult to dispose of. * Mark your property identification code using a vibro engraver, on your bicycle. Take care, especially with steel frames – a lacquer should be applied after engraving. A vibro engraver is available for loan, free of charge, from your local police. *

Put a sticker on your bike after it has been marked – you can get these from your local police. * Keep a photograph of your bike in a safe place and take note of details like serial number, model number and special features.What Code to UseProperty identification involves marking your property with a personal code.How to make up your codeThe first initial of your first name, the first initial of your family name, date of birth, and the letter Q which signifies Queensland.

For example:

Cameron Edward Peters

Date of birth 01-08-74

His personal code -CP010874Q

Bicycle Security

some good advice here

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