bbc cycle security article
September 19, 2006, 10:00 am
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Around 150,000 bicycles are stolen across Britain every year, with bike theft proving to be a growing frustration for cyclists everywhere. In 1996, the National Cycling Forum (NCF) was launched to encourage an increasing number of people to take up riding a bicycle and to make cycling easier, safer and more convenient.Naturally, one of its aims is to cut cycle theft and the NCF offers these “basic security rules for cycle users”:Do not leave cycles in isolated places. Park cycles safely and considerately where they will not cause a danger or obstruction to others, particularly to older people, young children or people with disabilities. And always lock a cycle when leaving it, even if it’s only for a few minutes.Make sure you secure bikes to proper cycle stands or robust street furniture (but do observe any requests not to use certain items of street furniture and be sure not to cause any damage). Lock cycles through the frame, and secure or remove wheels. Also remove smaller parts and accessories that can’t be secured, especially lights, pumps and quick release saddles.Get a lock that worksThe NCF recommends that cyclists use security products as recommended by the Master Locksmiths Association scheme – Sold Secure. Call Sold Secure on 01327 264687 for a list of approved devices, or visit their website. They also strongly recommended ground or wall anchors for use in a garage or shed.More than half of all bike thefts take place from the owner’s property so ensure garages and sheds are well secured and never leave your bike unattended outside your home, even for just a short time. Security marking and registration of your bicycle are the best ways of ensuring it is returned to you if stolen. See our section on property marking for more information.Make your markFor registration there are a number of companies that will provide this service to you. They will mark your bike with a unique number and cross-reference this to details about you held on a computer database. It’s important that the company displays its telephone number next to the mark on your bike to help the police know who to contact if the bike is recovered.It’s also important that the service you use is aware of and follows the National Cycling Forum’s “code of practice for security marking and registration of pedal cycles”. And finally, keep a photograph of your bike and keep a record of all its details.

BBC – Crime Prevention Your Car – Cycle Security

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