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Hi guys thanks to everyone who has viewed, commented and helped with my wordpress blog. I have now decided to move the blog to a hosted service this is mainly due to the restrictions placed on us by WordPress have been so so awesome and I am sticking with them but mentioned on my own server.

I would be so greatful and happy to see all you guys update your rss feeds and blogrolls to the new address of which is already live and had the posts imported.

You can also add to your technorati favs as well

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I am also really wanting people to help me out with the blog and become contributors by reviewing products they have bought or just post about there cycling experiences.

Have a great weekend


Letters from Daily Newspapers re Cyclist Registration

Bicycle registration is a weighty issue – about eight kilograms, in fact

I object to Pat Farmer’s ill-informed call for a bike levy (“Cyclists should pay, says MP”, February 8). Like many cyclists, I also own a car. Despite choosing to cycle to work, I pay rego for a minimally used vehicle, helping to pay for roads on which Farmer can waste no end of natural resources driving from Mosman to Campbelltown. Instead, I suggest Farmer pays an extra levy for speaking without thinking.

Briony Bowman Marrickville

So cyclists “saved more than $82 million in public health costs, almost $64 million in traffic congestion-related costs and $9 million in greenhouse gas-related costs”. I reckon the Government should pay us. Continue reading

Cyclists should pay, says MP

BICYCLE riders should pay registration fees to help legitimise their place on the roads and pay for infrastructure and safety campaigns, says the Federal Opposition spokesman on sports, Pat Farmer.

His plan has received a mixed response from bicycle lobby groups. It is less than a month since the NRMA questioned spending taxpayer dollars on barely used cycle paths. Continue reading

Gippsland Short Break


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Had a short break at Gippsland over the last few days, had some great times and riding. The rail trails and tracks are awesome.

I will be posting a ride report over the next few days but for now check out the pics from the trip here

Speeding’ bicyclists anger homeowners

SCOTTSDALE – Homeowners and bicyclists are squaring off in a gated community on Scottsdale’s border with Fountain Hills.

Homeowners in Hidden Hills complain that cyclists are using 145th Way, a steep private street at the end of Via Linda, as a training ground where they speed down the long, curving hill en masse and invite accidents.

Cyclists say homeowners are exaggerating problems with a minority of riders and reneging on their subdivision’s 2000 agreement with Scottsdale to allow a non-motorized connection to Fountain Hills.

“If this is not abated, tempers will continue to flare,” homeowners’ association president Sandra Goldenberg recently warned the Scottsdale Transportation Commission. Continue reading